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Biofeedback: Discover the Power of Your Mind To Control Your Body



Jinny Joy LaRock, RN BCB Sr. Fellow,
one of America’s pioneers in the science of Biofeedback

Whether you suffer from everyday symptoms of stress, anxiety or other conditions such as:

·      High blood pressure
·      Stress-related headaches, both tension and migraine
·      Chronic pain
·      Tinnitus
·      Jaw Pain /TMJ/TMD
·      Sleep Problems
·      Asthma
·      Difficulty with concentration
·      Excessive thinking/difficulty with quieting the mind
·      Asthma
·      Cancer Pain/Nausea/Imagery
·      IBS
·      Irritability
·      Raynaud’s
·      Stress overload and overwhelm/ burnout
·      Ulcers

And more…

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Biofeedback training can help you take back control of your body.


Biofeedback training (which is sometimes referred to as Biofeedback therapy) can provide coping mechanisms for dealing with stress…without drugs or surgery.

Biofeedback techniques can also improve resistance and recovery from stress.

Mindfulness based stress reduction is part of a healthy lifestyle that can improve your overall wellness.

You CAN take control of your life again!

Discover how easy-to-learn Biofeedback training reveals:

·      What causes stress in YOUR life
·      How to manage stress with easy-to-learn stress reduction tools
·      How to manage anxiety and stress
·      Dealing with stress and anxiety without drugs or surgery

And much, much more…


“With these techniques, I began to understand my body as a whole. I felt, in the first time in my life, I could be in control of those debilitating headaches.”


“The skills you taught me are some of the only ones that have worked for pain management, so thank you!!!!”


“Biofeedback has taught me to better listen to my body and enabled me to reduce my overall stress and anxiety levels”



The Denver Biofeedback Clinic, Inc. opened its doors back in 1985, celebrating nearly 30 years of helping thousands of clients in the Denver area. But the origins of Biofeedback training in Denver go back much farther than that. Denver Biofeedback Clinic was founded by Jinny Joy LaRock, RN BCB Sr. Fellow, one of America’s pioneers in the science of Biofeedback.

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Biofeedback FAQ

While stress and tension are normal and sometimes even a healthy part of daily life, when stress symptoms show up as anxiety attacks, headaches, high blood pressure, sleeping difficulties and other signs of stress, you may not be relieving stress in a regular and healthy way.

Relaxation techniques and Biofeedback training help you manage stress without having it build up in your body in unhealthy ways.

Without stress relievers such as relaxation or exercise, you are actually preventing your body from working properly.

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