Denver Biofeedback ClinicYou’ve probably heard it in the news…stress will kill you!

You need to eliminate ALL stress from your life!

And yet…when we can’t measure up to this impossible standard, we feel like we FAILED!

Well I am here to bring some sanity to the debate and expose some the “untruths” and downright lies about stress management.

#1: All Stress is BAD

This belief not only creates an unrealistic expectation for coping with stress, it also robs you of the positive role that stress has to play in our busy lives.

  • The truth is that we are all stressed many, many times per day.
  • Stress is OK and even helps to keep us healthy.

BUT, prolonged stress is NOT OK.

Without a stress relieving cycle that includes recovery periods from stress, the mind, emotions and body (and even social behavior) will move into battle preparation mode.

#2: We Are a Civilized Society

While we like to think that we have “evolved” as a society and as individuals, the truth is our bodies didn’t get that news flash!

The fight/flight/freeze response to the sources of stress is well ingrained in all parts of our body and mind and the relative peace of modern times doesn’t delete that programming.

And staying in this battle preparation mode can take a tremendous toll on our health.

#3: The Only Way to Cope With Stress Is Drugs

What if you held the power to control your body with your mind?

What if you could guide your breathing, muscles, and thoughts into a place where they felt safe and relaxed?

All without the cost and side-effects of drugs?

Would that be of interest to you?

But would that sell advertising in newspapers and other media?

Probably not…

And that may be why biofeedback training….which is essentially a form of natural stress relief ….gets so little publicity.

But for 40 years, I have seen people’s lives transform by biofeedback therapy.

This power is within you and the stress management exercises I’ve been sharing with you can be life-changing!

You Can Choose Natural Stress Relief with Biofeedback!

But you have a choice!

I ENCOURAGE you to consider a healthy alternative to the negative effects of stress.

The stress management exercises I’ve been sharing show you a path for coping with stress in a productive and drug-free way.

Stay with your practice of mindfulness based stress reduction and your body will learn new ways to respond to stress.

You will find that as your body learns and as you keep doing your Brief Recovery Exercises (BRE) over and over, the new habits for handling stress will come into place.

Your body (and particularly your subconscious mind) will respond to the signs of stress in the positive way it has been trained.

Soon you will find that you can let go of consciously focusing on this so often during your day. When you check in during your BRE you will notice that often your systems have adjusted themselves.

When your body’s attempt to deal with stress is too big for your body to handle, your conscious mind will become aware because these stress symptoms are now OUT OF THE ORDINARY and will get your attention.

Want to learn more about stress reduction?

Take the first step!

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Author: Jinny Joy LaRock, RN, BCB Sr. Fellow

Denver Biofeedback Clinic, Inc.