Denver Biofeedback ClinicDoes stress management feel…well…stressful? 

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Biofeedback training is so simple, the stress reduction techniques can be learned and put into practice by people from age 5 to age 85!

Break Through Stress Management

I’ve designed these stress management tips to focus on relieving the negative effects of stress and breaking through what may have got you “stuck” in the loop of stress symptoms.

Let’s get started…

Tune into these three simple ways to improve your stress symptoms:

Go back to our last lesson and use your Brief Recovery Exercise (BRE) to quiet way down…make time for this.



#1: Breath Easy to Reduce Stress

How does your body BREATHE when your sub-conscious-i.e. your inner “3-year old” self is feeling OK and safe?

  • Do you notice that your breath is easy or long or that your belly is moving with your breath?
  • What about your exhale…do you have a nice long exhale or is the exhale easy and effortless?
  • Tune into the quality of your breathing when your subconscious mind is feeling safe like it is now.

You will find one of the ways to relieve stress is to breathe easy!

#2: How to Combat Stress with Your Mind

Next, how does your MIND think when your “3-year old” self is feeling OK and safe?

  • Do you notice that your mind is moving slowly or it is easy to focus?
  • What about the quality of the sound of your inner voice…is it calm or gentle?

One of the strategies for dealing with stress is to win the inner battle of the mind.

Learning to LET GO of mental tension has a lot to do with simply shifting your ATTENTION away from listening…in this case shifting back to your peaceful thought.

Remember this:  just because your mind is talking DOES NOT MEAN YOU MUST LISTEN!!!!

Tune into the quality of your mind when you are feeling safe and OK.

  • How is your mind operating when it is not looking for danger?

When your subconscious mind is feeling safe, you are winning at stress management.

#3: Tense Muscles Are Signs of Stress

How do your MUSCLES feel when your inner “3 year old” is feeling OK and safe?

  • Maybe you notice a soft feeling in your muscles or loose or heavy or floaty or light or melting…especially pay attention to how your jaw and shoulders are feeling.
  • You may notice tense muscles relaxing anywhere, but especially any place where you have had pain or injury.

That is because your body may be in the habit of protecting or guarding that area.

Tune into the quality of how your muscles feel when your subconscious mind is feeling safe like it is now

Stress Management As Easy as 1-2-3

Memorize these three things:

  • Breath
  • Mind
  • Muscles

And practice tuning into these three areas when you are feeling calm and safe to get acquainted with how recovery from stress feels….this is home base.

More to come…

Want to learn more about stress reduction?

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Author: Jinny Joy LaRock, RN, BCB Sr. Fellow

Denver Biofeedback Clinic, Inc.