Jinny Joy LaRock_Denver Biofeedback ClinicWhen I graduated from the University of Iowa with a BS in Nursing (and ever since I received my nursing license from the State of Colorado in 1968), I knew we were missing something in the nursing profession.

Stress is certainly nothing new, but we just didn’t recognize all the numerous negative impacts of stress back then…

This feeling of “something missing” led me on a quest to do more to help people handle stress.

In 1975, I spotted an interview about Biofeedback that was published in a local newspaper, with one of the pioneers in the field of Biofeedback, Thomas H. Budzynski, Ph.D. He was talking about moving the Biofeedback research that he had been doing out into clinical practice that would serve the greater community.

I knew that this could be the “missing piece” of the puzzle for me.

Step #1: Learn More

When I sought out Tom Budzynski to become a fellow pioneer in the field of Biofeedback I took that first step to learn more about stress and the effects of stress on the human body.

(And I know you want to learn more as well, because you are taking the time to read this article.)

I was stunned to discover how effectively the mind could be trained to help the body manage stress and lead a healthier life.

My curiosity about health-related issues has not faded in the now nearly 40 years I have been practicing in Biofeedback.

Step #2: Make Choices

There are many choices you can make about how to handle stress.

·        One of those choices is to do nothing.

·        Another choice is to medicate with prescription drugs.

Many areas of nursing don’t actually seem to be empowering people to learn more about their own personal responsibility for their health and how to make choices about improving their own health.

As a result, I would say the second step is to make the choice to feel better.

You can choose to handle stress in a naturally effective way with Biofeedback training.

Step #3: Take Control

One of the things that attracted me to Biofeedback is that it empowers clients to take control of their reaction to stress and use that power to improve their health.

It is very satisfying to see clients who have made the decision to take control of their health and be an active participant in improving how they feel.

So the third step is to take control of your emotional and physical health.

As you learn more, make the choice to feel better, and take control of your stress reaction you are on the road to improving your health.

·        Biofeedback is simple to learn and put into use.

But Biofeedback therapy is not one-size-fits-all.

Each person has their own stories and their own way of applying the training.

It’s a wonderful experience to see people gain power and control over their particular situations.

That is what inspires me.


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Jinny Joy LaRock R.N. B.C.B Sr. Fellow


Denver Biofeedback Clinic, Inc.