Denver Biofeedback Clinic Stress ManagementAre you struggling to find ways to cope with stress?

Or perhaps you are feeling burned out and overwhelmed?

I want you to know you are not alone. 

Many of my clients over the years have suffered with stress symptoms like anxiety attacks, stress-related headaches, sleep problems, trouble with pain management, and difficulty with concentration or teen stress and test anxiety.

I am here and want to help you or your loved-ones.

Real answers about stress management

If you are looking for concrete answers to your questions about:

·       What causes stress

·       How to reduce stress in your own life

·       Tips for controlling stress now and in the future


Understand the negative effects of stress

It’s all over the news!

Stress causes problems.

The negative effects of stress lead to bigger problems. 

The consequences of stress include effects on major systems in your body as well as compromising your ability to think clearly and feel good emotionally and physically.

Your body is coping with stress or failing to cope with stress throughout your day.

Your body is simply trying to defend you from a real or imagined threat.

Stress Management Techniques

Is stress inevitable in our busy world?…you bet it is. 

BUT don’t despair!

Stress is also something that you can learn to control with biofeedback training which is a stress management technique.

I will be your guide as you discover the truth about stress and see how successfully dealing with stress can be a welcome addition to your own daily life.

I will coach you as you learn skills for stress release.  I will help you understand how BIOFEEDBACK works and how to apply these techniques to reduce stress in your life.

Getting Started with Biofeedback Training

First, let me congratulate you for taking your time to learn how to deal with stress and help yourself to a healthier future.

This time together will be enlightening, lively, incredibly useful and empowering.

Oh, and also pretty darn easy when you get right down to it.

Over the past 40 years I have taught these same stress management techniques to children as young as 5.

Keep in mind you can do this too…also, include your children or teens or spouses in this biofeedback training.

Managing stress = New habits

It’s all about habits…figure out what causes stress in your own body and what stress feels like in your body, learn better ways to deal with stress, implement these coping mechanisms  until the new habits are in place and……….


As you follow along with this biofeedback training blog, your conscious mind will learn how to recover from stress, and the part of your brain that runs your body will get re-educated….I think of it much like house-training a puppy…..our body can learn new patterns. 

Think:  learning to drive or downhill ski….of course your body can learn!

Coming soon…

In the next blog, we will talk about A NURSE’S 3 STEPS FOR HANDLING STRESS(P.S. I am an RN)

You will also get some background on my personal history with   biofeedback training and why you can feel confident that I can teach you what you need to learn about how to handle stress.

I will tell you these first three steps and we will be off and running towards you building your skills with these stress reduction techniques.

Remember a time when you felt really…REALLY good….let’s see about getting you there again!


Jinny Joy LaRock, R.N. B.C.B Sr. Fellow

Denver Biofeedback Clinic, Inc.