Biofeedback TrainingIt’s a fact of life in today’s busy world that we all live with stress.

Want to learn how to manage stress better and be able to learn to relax better, and reduce the anxiety that we all feel in this modern world?

Biofeedback training may be the answer!

What is Biofeedback Training?

Biofeedback training is a way of learning how to feel the sensations that occur when your stress response is kicking in and discovering specific recovery techniques that help move your body back into a healthy rhythm of stress management….stress – recover – stress – recover etc. etc.

Biofeedback training teaches you a set of skills for mindfulness based stress awareness and stress reduction which can help you to guide your body into a natural rhythm of moving in and out of stress instead of staying there for prolonged periods of time.  Sustained stress is the problem…stress itself is not the problem.

What Causes Stress?

Our body’s way of coping with stress or “getting ready for battle” goes back to our caveman days.

The body’s stress response ask the body to fire up the survival tools that we used back in the hunter-gatherer, cave dweller days, and that goes back hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of years.

Researchers have told us is that the stress response we use now is the same one that we had then.

So how our bodies express stress has not changed…

But the world that we’re living in has infinitely more causes of stress in our day-to-day and even minute-by-minute lives.

From social media to streaming videos and smart phones, traffic, time crunch and poor self-care, we rarely have time to feel “unplugged” and relaxed.

As a result, we now have a conscious mind that tends to be overly vigilant.

The conscious mind was built to analyze and evaluate things and keep track of what is going on.

How to Combat Stress

In today’s culture, you are effectively moved into battle preparation or a stress response multiple times a day.

Here’s an eye opener…..the researchers would tell you that in the early days of man we engaged this stress response/battle preparation response maybe a dozen times in a lifetime (granted a relatively short lifetime by today’s standards of 80+ years), and they would tell you that these days we engage this stress response in the neighborhood of 60 – 70 times per day!!!!

This has a lot to do with what our conscious mind is doing.

So reducing stress involves teaching the conscious mind how to regulate the part of the brain that controls the stress response.

How Does Biofeedback Work?

Biofeedback training shows you how to use your body as a feedback system that informs you of when your body is engaging the stress response and when it is not.

Biofeedback training involves learning how to guide your body back into a position of recovery from stress so that you don’t stay in the stress response for a prolonged period of time.

In essence, Biofeedback is using the power of your mind to control your body and improve your health and reduce stress.

The client learns stress management techniques while receiving feedback from Biofeedback equipment over a series of visits.

In the end, you will learn to use your own body for feedback about tension building or quieting…Biofeedback = body feedback.


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Jinny Joy LaRock R.N. B.C.B Sr. Fellow

Denver Biofeedback Clinic, Inc.