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Please join me for a video conference to discuss your Biofeedback practice. I have 42 years of clinical experience in Biofeedback. My work included training with both children and adults.
My experience covered training for management of all types of pain, sleep issues, and muscle, ANS and immune dysfunctions. I helped clients to improve wellness and manage anxiety, TBI, and TMJ. I have extensive experience with muscle re-education using multi-channel sEMG. I built and marketed a successful biofeedback practice and I can provide guidance in helping you with your business too.
I look forward to learning about your work and sharing information with you from my experience in Biofeedback.

You can sign up for an online video conference with Jinny LaRock on the video conference sign-up page.

Training CD

Remember the story about give a man a fish and he eats for a day…TEACH a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime!!!

Image of CD - thumbnailThis training CD will TEACH you how to feel tension building in your body and then TEACH you how to quiet it down.  The booklet that accompanies your CD will guide you as you develop and apply these tools.  Your body will LEARN how to move into and out of stress  in a healthy way as you go through your daily life.  It is how are bodies all managed stress in the beginning and just forgot along the way.  You will love this easy to understand and apply training CD.  Thousands have before you.

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Tiger Juice BookTiger Juice Stress Book

This is a simple book on Stress Management for adults, teens and small children.  Easy to understand dialogue and illustrations  provides you with a simplified way to understand a more complex story of how the human stress response originated and how is once served us well.  You will also get an introduction into how our stress response is now something we need to manage with awareness and tools.  Tiger Juice is Adrenalin and when we are not facing real danger, we do not want it to ask our body to ready for battle.  This little book will introduce you to the mind-body concept and some tools for managing stress.  It is a great accompaniment to the training CD which teaches you how to create and use even more tools for sensing and managing daily stress.

Tiger Juice Stress Paperback Book – $21.90 ($14.95+$6.95 s+h) – Order

Tiger Juice Stress Digital Download – $14.95 – Order

Tiger Juice Stress Paperback Book – Spanish – $21.90 ($14.95+$6.95 s+h) – Order

Tiger Juice Stress Digital Download – Spanish – $14.95 – Order

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