Denver Biofeedback Clinic Stress ManagementDo you have a carefree mind, or is your mind weighed down by a million stressful thoughts?

Do you believe your own mind could be one of the causes of stress making you sick?

What is your inner voice telling you about dealing with stress at work or in your home or a relationship?

Are you managing stress just fine (without a care in the world)…or not so much?

What Voice Is Getting Through?

In the last article you discovered how the tone of the outer voice on the news or movies or folks in your own life has an impact on whether your body is in stress or recovery position.

Previously we covered stress management techniques including:

  • How to notice shifts in how your body is breathing
  • What your muscles felt like as a way of knowing if your body is feeling safe or under threat
  • Managing your body’s stress by taking belly breaths and letting go of muscle tension.

We also covered some tips to reduce stress such as reminding yourself to “check in” (using stickers, dots, timer, etc.) as a way to remember to do a Brief Recovery Exercise and shift your breath and muscles into stress recovery.

Now, it’s on to the voice that you live with each day and the one that you can control:

The inner voice.

The Law of the Inner Voice

What You Say Affects Your Stress Level.

This is the time for you to start to listen to your own inner voice.

The research has told us that we think something in the range of 90,000 thoughts per day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course we don’t consciously listen to all of these thoughts (or we would not do much else…)

But we listen to a lot of them and we listen more closely when we are under stress.

Think of the mind’s part in our stress response as a form of boundary patrol.

The stressed mind is looking for predators, quickly judging and seeking control…so we listen more when we are looking for where is the danger and we are asking “How do I win this one?”

Think about it…

I’m OK, I’m NOT OK…

Have you experienced times when you keep thinking about what needs to be happening and then your mind takes flight with worries about what is wrong and needs to be controlled?

Your mind heads down a path that sometimes leads all the way to what is wrong with YOU and how you FEEL?

This is one of the signs of stress that our mind is responding to threats–real or imagined.

In contrast, the non-stressed mind thinks about how you are OK and you are good enough and nothing really MUST be any different than it is now.

Well, admittedly, that peaceful mind is not as easy to come by in this busy world…but keep practicing your relaxation techniques and you are on the right path

Stress Relief Tips

In our last articles, we looked at how you can check on how your body is handling stress by looking at your breathing and muscle tension.

  • Check your own breathing and muscle tension now.
  • Does your breathing start from the belly or the chest?
  • Are your shoulders relaxed and down or tense and raised?

Next, listen to the way your own mind is thinking…

  • What is the sound of your own voice and what kind of thoughts you are having?
  • How is your body dealing with stress, right NOW?  (We are all stressed probably 60 times per day…)
  • Is your inner voice telling your body that all is well or is your body on alert because something is wrong?

You are now ready to take on more about your mind and body communication.

And you are discovering mindfulness based stress reduction and learning body feedback aka biofeedback.

You will discover more about your mind in our next blog.

Well done!!

Want to learn more ways to reduce stress?

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Author: Jinny Joy LaRock, RN, BCB Sr. Fellow

Denver Biofeedback Clinic, Inc.