Denver Biofeedback ClinicReady for some more stress management strategies?

Biofeedback training is all about getting in touch with what your body is doing so you can have the choice of reducing the negative effects of stress.

In other articles, I have shown you some of the key stress reduction techniques.

Let me ask you…

Have you been using your thoughts and the sound of your voice more and more to create positive coping mechanisms in your body on purpose?

I hope so…

How to Reduce Stress…

Managing stress includes making a place and time to practice techniques to reduce stress.

Just like learning to ride a bicycle…practice is what it takes to get the skill.

We are working to keep building your skills as we go.

Let’s jump right into another important relaxation exercise:

This one will take about 10 minutes or so to practice:

So get comfortable…

Be sure you aren’t going to be disturbed.

Close the door, turn off your phone…and make this is YOUR TIME!


Next, get SAFE.

SAFE is an acronym for your Biofeedback training.

Safe = S-A-F-E

  • See stress relief
  • Assess your body
  • Find your relaxed state
  • Exercise your Biofeedback techniques

See Stress Relief

Start with this stress relief exercise of visualization.

As I demonstrated in my article on visualization you now know that you can make a picture as a way of communicating with your subconscious mind.

What you imagine in “pictures” (remember your conscious mind runs the projection booth) will show up over in your “mind’s eye” (sub-conscious mind) and in turn can have a stress relieving effect on your body…or of course the opposite can happen,

What you picture IS WHAT YOU GET.

Assess Your Body

Next, take a minute to do a quick stress assessment on your body and see how it responds. (i.e. biofeedback)

  • What are you hearing back?

Listen to the language from your body…

  • How is your body breathing?
  • Are your muscles readying to fight or letting go?

Find Your Relaxed State

Then use the relaxation training I have shared to find your relaxed state of mind.

By now you know that you can imagine or remember a FEELING to affect your signs of stress.

When it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety-the sound of your inner voice can also set the pace for your subconscious.

In other words, your body will shift into safe or NOT safe mode based on the sounds it hears or the image it sees.

You can control whether you are experiencing a feeling of being very safe or a feeling of being very relaxed or barely coping with stress and anxiety.

Lead the way and your subconscious mind will follow.

Here are some stress reduction tips:

To put yourself into a relaxed state, use:

  • Pictures or imagery
  • The sound of inner voice
  • Imagining a safe, calm or relaxed feeling

Exercise Your Biofeedback Techniques

Next, do your Brief Recovery Exercise. (BRE)

Here you go….

  • Start with some slow belly breaths with a nice long exhale.
  • Say your calming phrase in the sound of voice you know your body likes best.
  • Release the tension from your muscles especially your jaw and shoulders.

This Brief Recovery Exercise will help you slow things down and tune into your body.

Now let your conscious mind think a calming thought such as a picture, sound or feeling.

  • Keep in your mind that it is your inner “3 year old” listening and they think they can fly…or ride on a cloud or climb a 30 foot daisy–so your peaceful thought can be a memory or something you imagine in your mind.

Also remember your conscious mind moves around to about 90,000 thoughts per day.

This means your mind will stay with this calm thought for only about 1-2 seconds.

(You could be distracted by a feeling or a sound somewhere or another thought.)

When this happens, just come back to that peaceful thought.

Expect this “short attention span” when you notice that your ATTENTION has shifted to something else.

We all stay focused or concentrate for just seconds at a time…think of concentrating well is really re-focusing without spending too much time with the distraction!

Now you are practicing with focusing and refocus over and over…do this for about a minute or so.

You are doing great!

In my next article, I’ll walk you through 3 more ways to improve your stress symptoms.

Want to learn more about stress reduction?

Take the first step!

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Author: Jinny Joy LaRock, RN, BCB Sr. Fellow

Denver Biofeedback Clinic, Inc.