DenverBiofeedback.comLast year I had a simple idea…why should only a few people know the secrets of how life-changing biofeedback training can be to your overall sense of vitality and wellness?

Now the journey for creating easy-to-implement resources is complete.

In my blog I have detailed my vision of training the simple stress management techniques of self-awareness and self-regulation training.

But I’m not content to stop there.

There Are More Stress Management Techniques and Tips to Come…

As my faithful readers I want you to share in my announcement!

I will be putting these lessons (plus some added bonus stress-relieving tips) into a book format.

More will be shared in the coming months, but I wanted YOU to be the first to know…

Dealing With Stress-Lots of Free Resources

Writing regular articles about coping with stress has provided a variety of relaxation exercises and stress relief techniques for readers.

But I want to continue our conversation about how biofeedback training can transform lives.

Please keep sharing the blog resources about stress management with your colleagues and friends and stay tuned…

I will add additional resources such as referrals to information that I found helpful and fascinating and my hope is that you will as well.

And of course, I will continue to add thoughts about mindfulness based stress reduction as you discover your own way back to a healthier you!

(There’s big benefits in finding your way back to knowing yourself and your body.)

Achieving improved health is a journey that I have been honored to share with thousands of people in my years as a certified biofeedback practitioner.

Coping with Stress Needs Your Attention

Today it comes to me that a VERY IMPORTANT reminder that everyone ought to know about stress management.

Here it is…

The part of your brain that runs your body…the subconscious, your body mind, or as I like to call it the “inner three year-old” has NEEDS!

Full Circle Article ThumbnailLike any demanding child, this part of your brain:

  • Needs to be HEARD
  • Needs to be RESPECTED
  • Needs to be FORGIVEN
  • Needs to feel SAFE
  • Needs to have FUN
  • Needs to feel ACCEPTED
  • Needs to well-chosen nutrition to stay HEALTHY
  • Needs REST

And the need that really caught my attention today:

  • Needs to believe and feel like ALL IS WELL

Stress Management Begins With Controlling Your Mind

We are ALL so used to the mind searching for what needs to be done next

The pressure to be a team player…the “no-pain-no-gain” mindset…the demanding inner voice-not to mention the stressful outer voices…

This is the part of us that gets promoted and praised for sacrifice and keeps track of how we and things are judged.

This constant striving does little to make us feel like we are content and at peace.

In contrast, the “self”, the “inner three-year-old” needs times when things are already OK-just the way they are…that nothing needs to be changed…at least a little while.

So, how does this happen?

Simple Stress Relief Exercises

You have the answer in your Brief Recovery Exercise.

(This is the foundation of the stress management techniques I have shared with you in my articles.)

  • Take that slow rhythmic belly breath.
  • Center your attention on your belly,
  • Say your calming phrase to yourself to help you feel safe again
  • Guide your muscles to release any tension by thinking about them already being loose or heavy

And finally…think of your fingers warming…let it flow.

You have learned how to listen and talk to your self.

Keep listening…keep chatting with your BEST FRIEND-that “inner three-year-old”

There is a balance to a creating your own healthy day.

The cycle of life is stress…recover…stress…recover…

In other words, those periods of recovery are “ALL IS WELL” moments.

Find Out More about the Power of Your Mind to Control Your Body

I hope you have found my biofeedback training techniques have helped you to build on this sense of wellness for a bit of time here and there throughout the day.

And that with practice you will find your “inner three-year-old” is feeling better and better!

Have a great day!

P.S. Would you like to find out more about the power you’re your mind to control your body?

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Author: Jinny Joy LaRock, RN, BCB Sr. Fellow

Denver Biofeedback Clinic, Inc.