Denver Biofeedback ClinicAs you dial into your New Year, let’s be sure you continue to build on the stress management tools you have gained last year as you journey into 2016.

Let’s face it.

The holidays bring all kinds of stressful demands…time, finances, being a host or a guest, weather, diet, travel and on and on.

Keep in mind as you are thinking about stress relief techniques that STRESS is really overload…and the holidays bring PLENTY of that.

Coping With Stress-Find Your Way Home

The holiday season is a hurried and in many ways taxing time for many of us.

Finding the right balance between “Just RIGHT” and “Just Fine” is often lost in the day-to-day struggle of dealing with stress.

The negative effects of stress can build-up for so long that we can get lost in achieving….completing….getting things together and on and on without thinking about how to relieve stress.

So congratulations!

You made it!

Here we are on the back side of all of that stress.

It’s time to re-group and find our way back “HOME” into a stable rhythm of stress and recovery.

Let’s look as some stress management techniques.

How to Lower Stress

The foundation of biofeedback training is getting in touch which your body’s ways of dealing with stress.

I’ve talked about how the tone of our thoughts is a key, and our bodies need guidance to release muscle and nervous system tension.

This can be accomplished by centering, using slow belly breathing and allowing warming to flow into your fingertips.

These simple relaxation techniques are the foundation of mindfulness based stress reduction!

Next, getting good and restful sleep and eating in a healthful way are more stress management tips.

But there is another area I want to touch on besides just your mind and body.

That other area is your emotions!

Understanding Your Emotions to Relieve Stress

Research has helped us to understand that different emotions elicit different mental moods and physical results in our bodies as well.

We can shift the mind and body by simply imagining the feeling that brings improved balance to our body and therefore to the mind as well.

Skeptical? This is measurable and has been measured in scientific tests.

Want a stress relieving tip?

The winners for best emotions to serve our well-being and help us cope with stress are GRATITUDE AND AWE.

If you think through your own philosophical or spiritual understandings of life-gratitude and awe are likely in the teachings.

Denver Biofeedback ClinicManaging Stress with a Brief Recovery Exercise (BRE)

For a moment here try getting your mind and body back in relationship by doing your brief recovery exercise:

  • Start with a few slow, rhythmic belly breaths and focus on your belly and “center” your attention on your belly.
  • Use your quieting phrase in the tone of voice your body feels most calm with.
  • Focus on releasing muscle tension-especially around dropping your jaw and shoulders.
  • Next ask for/think of warming flowing down into your fingers.
  • NOW, think of a feeling of gratitude or imagine a situation when you felt gratitude and observe how your body feels when you do this.
  • Do this same with a feeling of awe and learn from exercise.

Coping with Stress? It’s the Attitude!

You can shift your body’s way of dealing with stress with help from your mind….you can shift your mind by shifting the tension or relaxation in the body.

Remember a tense body begets a worried scattered mind.

A calm body is a more focused and creative mind.

And now you can add a new skill with harnessing the power of your emotions.

With this biofeedback technique you can move the mind and body connection by “coping an attitude” so to speak.

Give it a try!

Celebrate the New Year!

Be kind, respectful, and compassionate, even grateful to your 2016 self!

Discover the Power of Your Mind to Control Your Body

I hope my easy biofeedback training techniques have helped you build your own mindfulness-based stress management tools and increase your sense of wellness throughout the day.

If you’d like to find out more about the power of your mind to control your body, click on the link below and I’ll send it right out to you.

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Happy New Year!

Best Always


Author: Jinny Joy LaRock, RN, BCB Sr. Fellow

Denver Biofeedback Clinic, Inc.